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Greek Breakfast

Greek Breakfast program

The Greek Breakfast is an innovative initiative of the Greek Chamber of Hotels with the aim of linking and directly exploiting the cultural and gastronomic wealth of Greece through the Greek hotels.

The program began to be planned and implemented in 2010 to enrich the breakfast offered to Greek hotels with products of the Greek land as well as traditional local dishes.

The main objective of the program is to give visitors the opportunity to experience the country’s gastronomy and to enjoy our country’s products based on the Greek Mediterranean diet.

Some of the main products are bread, nuts, olive oil, olives, yoghurt, honey, cheese and cold products, fresh vegetables, legumes, pies, pastries and fresh fruit.

Every region of Greece, according to climatic conditions, soil composition, produced products, cultural relations and exchanges, shows a special culinary culture and local cuisines. This kind of gastronomic diversity wants to promote the “Greek Breakfast” program, with the ultimate goal of shaping the cultural identity and tourism profile of each location.

The program’s desire is also to get acquainted with local producers and to familiarize the consumers with the products, the ways of production and the highlighting of the place and the natural environment of the production area.

Every morning, 808 hotels in Greece serve “Greek Breakfast”.

Three of these are the Golden City Hotel, Crystal City Hotel & Phidias Boutique Hotel.

Imagine waking up in the morning under the glittering sun of Athens, preparing the day’s plan and perfecting the plan of your visit, in a city full of history, light and hidden secret places where new experiences and memories can be created.

What will give you impetus and energy is the delightful buffet with local specialties and PDO flavors, a warm and cozy table in one of our three hotels.

We are members of the program and we believe that the gastronomy of a location can create strong ties and memories to visitors through taste and hospitality.